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  • High School Course Offerings

    13th Seminar
    Teacher: Maddalena

    A capstone course required for all of our 13th year students at OEC.  Students will learn about continuing their education, prepare a professional portfolio, participate in a service learning internship, participate in a mentoring program, and complete a capstone project prior to graduating next spring.

    Algebra II
    Teacher: Heffelbower

    This class covers mathematical topics such as problem solving, graphing with and without a graphing calculator, functions, sequences, complex systems, logarithms, matrices, trigonometry, and complex numbers.  The Algebra II coursework is rooted in mastery over time and designed to incorporate multiple mediums of instruction and further prepares students for collegiate mathematics.

    American Literature
    Teacher: Wieland

     In this class students will read and analyze American classics.  Informal and formal writing will be assigned.  There will be an empahsis on literary analysis and composition.

    Teacher: Maddalena

    Biology is defined as the science of life and is the study of all living things.  Its focus includes the study of the microscopic structure of single cells, the individual and collective history of organisms, and the global interactions of all organisms.

    Teacher: Maddalena

    Chemistry is a branch of the physical sciences.  It is defined as the study of the composition of matter and the changes that matter undergoes.  Since living and nonliving things are made of matter, chemistry affects all aspects of life and most natural events.

    Civics and Economics
    Teacher: Wiedendorf

    This class is designed to foster the development of responsible citizenship.  The overarching question that we will reflect upon throughout the course is: How are both knowledge about American constitutional government and actions by citizens essential components of effective government?

    Teacher: Snyder
    In Geometry, students will analyze plane, solid, and coordinate geometry as they relate to both abstract mathematical concepts as well as real-world problem situations.  Emphasis will be placed on developing critical thinking skills as they relate to logical reasoning and argument.

    Teacher: Heffelbower

    Physics is the science of matter and energy and how they interact.  Throughout this course we will analyze physical situations that occur everyday in nature in hopes of explaining how things work.  With this goal we will focus primarily on mechanics - Newton's lays, momentum, energy, linear, projectile, rotational, and circular motion.  Also, we will spend significant time working with sound, light, electricity, and magnetism.

    Senior Composition
    Teacher: Wieland

    In this class students will be assigned different types of writing.  Improving grammar and engaging in the writing process will be practiced for each essay.  Peer editing and techniques for effective self-editing will be taught.

    Spanish I & Spanish II
    Teacher: Rosenthal-Vinter

    As our world increasingly becomes multi-cultural, foreign language education assumes an important role in school.  The goal of Spanish class will be the development of foreign language skills that will enable students to effectively communicate useful information in common situations.  Furthermore, students will learn to develop listening, reading writing, and speaking skills, This class will also study the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.

    Formal Topics/Statistics
    Teacher: Snyder

    This course begins with a math refresher.  Students will complete a self paced math game to better prepare themselves for their college math experience. This course is also designed to give students an understanding as to how statistics are used in real life situations.  Students will learn how to set up their own statistical studies and learn how to interpret categorical and quantitative data.  Students will also learn how to use technology to interpret and model data.

    US History
    Teacher: Snyder
    In United States History, students study the history of the United States from the Reconstruction Era to the present.  During this course, students will not only learn how the events in history effected the US then, but also how those events shaped the US to what it is today.

    World History
    Teacher: Wiedendorf

    This course provides a global and comparative approach to studying the world and its past to develop greater understanding of the development of worldwide events, processes, and interactions among the world's people, cultures, societies, and environment.  The course will cover the historical periods through eras on different geographic scales.  That is, within each era, you will work at three interconnected spatial scales: the global, inter-regional and regional.  Just as a photographer uses multiple lenses-close-up, wide-angle, and zoom-to tell pictorial stories, you will study the world's history through several different lenses to understand the world more completely.

    World Literature
    Teacher: Wieland
    Students will be exposed to works of literature from the ancient Sumerians to the more modern Irish.  There will be an emphasis on literary analysis and composition.

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